The Barn: Restoration
History             Restoration             Future Plans
In the beginning the efforts of the Homestead organization were directed at stabilizing and protecting the structure against the elements and vandalism. For these efforts in excess of $40,000 was raised from private funding to which was added to approximately $15,000 in grants from the State of Illinois. These funds provided for tuckpointing the barn and securing its windows and doors. Funding for restoration of the inside is part of a capital campaign in planning.

During the annual Open House/Open Barn in May, architectural preservationist Roger Keys, who has done much volunteer work himself on both the home and barn, is on hand to talk about the construction of the barn and its historic significance. Each spring, many visitors take advantage of the once-a-year opportunity to see the inside of the barn where Joseph Glidden first manufactured what became the most widely used type of barbed wire in the nation.

before after
homestead blacksmith barn