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Joseph Farwell Glidden's invention of one of the most widely-used types of barbed wire in 1873 helped change the history of the American West and had far-reaching impact throughout the world. His Homestead in DeKalb, IL, is being preserved and restored by a not-for-profit organization founded in 1995. Both the home and the barn are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We welcome your visit and encourage your membership!


Thank you for a great opening day on June 12!

2022 Season "Great in the Land"
We will be open every Sunday, June through November, from 12-4 PM.
Programs will be held on the second Sunday of each month at 2 PM.
Admission is $4 per adult and free for children younger than 14.

Upcoming programs:
Held at 2 PM in the Glidden Homestead Welcome Center.

June 12: Bertha Glidden Bradt: Socialite and Crusader in DeKalb County
Bertha's great granddaughter, Cheryl Johnson, will delight us with her stories and memories of the Bradt family. She will offer a bit of dramatic flair as she tells, from Bertha's own notes, "Why Women Should Get Involved in the Community." Bertha was Annie Glidden's sister, the wife of Samuel Ellsworth Bradt, and the mother of DeKalb's late Charles W. Bradt.

July 10: Mabel Glidden Gallery Show
Various paintings and drawings created by Mabel Carter Glidden will be on display in the J.F. Glidden Homestead’s Welcome Center, 921 W. Lincoln Highway in DeKalb, during its open hours from 12-4 PM.

August 14: Authentic Leatherworking
Presented by Norm Walzer, who is experienced in period leatherwork and will share examples of his work as well as demonstrate the process, skills, and techniques.

September 11: Living in the Clinton Rosette Home
Dan Klefstad, current owner of the Clinton Rosette home in DeKalb, will share photos and stories of both the home and its former owner, along with Rosette's ties to Joseph Glidden.

October 9: TBD

November 13: TBD

December 11: Holiday program TBD

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Learn Blacksmithing at Glidden Homestead
More classes and instruction coming soon.

To sign up or for more information contact info@gliddenhomestead.org
or call 815-756-7904

Research by NIU History graduate student and Glidden Homestead intern Hannah Palsa over Joseph F. Glidden's Percheron horses. Glidden owned and bred Percheron horses for many years which allows for a greater understanding of Glidden's horse husbandry and impact on the Percheron draft horse. Read about the impact HERE.

2022 DeKalb County Barn Tour
August 13, 2022 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

See you August 13, 2022 with a new selection of great DeKalb County barns.
Purchase tickets:

The DeKalb County Barn Tour is a one-day driving tour of barn sites within DeKalb County hosted by the JF Glidden Homestead & Historical Center and the DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association.

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921 W. Lincoln Hwy.
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 756-7904
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